The 14th set of the Voice over Academy have graduated from the voice learning institution.

The graduation held on Sunday, February 23 at the academy in Lagos, Nigeria.

Speaking at the graduation, the academy’s chief executive, Seun Shobo “It’s a graduation ceremony for people who have attended the voice of academy pro course. Here, we train people who want to be voice over artist talent to do things like animation, documentaries, and we see all those things on natgeowild, advert on radios and all those things so here, we get professionals taught and trained with real industry experts, practical knowledge and all that so at the end of that five week period or which is 1 month and five days period with projects and then they get to do a graduation after that.”

Speaking further on the academy, Shobo said, “I am the team lead of the voice of academy, and the voice of academy has basically one vision which is to build globally exclusive voice got talent from Africa. We intend to put Africa on a global map there is a lot of content from Africa, there are lot of voices that people need to hear out of Africa so what we are doing is actually building a group of professionals because one of the things that people do voice over is that they are not professionals especially in Nigeria.”

The academy which began as a professional class with about 20 people in 2016, has grown to become an academy with over 200 graduands.
The academy also has veteran broadcaster and voice over guru, Lekan Ogunbanwo as the provost.
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