Find Your Voice


This is an audio product to be owned by everyone. .
I shared my voice over journey as well as some major time tested principles for anyone who desires to make an indelible mark in the voice over industry .

The truth is, these principles are applicable even to other creative sectors. .

Since I founded the @voiceoveracad and the @thevoiceoverbank, I have seen tremendous growth especially as regards fresh talents that we have been privileged to train.

FIND YOUR VOICE™ will be available for sale for the first time ever at its cheapest rate on November 25th and 26th at the open doors trade fair. .

Make sure you are getting ready to purchase one for yourself and that friend.

If you stick to those nuggets in there, I can assure you of an amazing career. .

I won’t stop until you FIND YOUR VOICE™

I’m looking forward to meeting you on your visit to our stall.
My name is Seun Shobo.
You can call me The BrandMASTER.

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